Our Mission

The world is at the beginning of a new digital revolution . Our mission is to bring the power of digital solutions that satisfy the needs of today and unlock the opportunities of tomorrow. To accomplish this we constantly invest in developing new technology and tools, support clients in understanding application of these tools across business value chain and developing talent in this community.


We are the fastest emerging company in South East Asia. we are chosen by our clients for the customer centric approach and expertise in delivering at reasonable rate and shorter time. We are well known for delivering high quality solutions; Solutions that turn ideas into realities, challenges into achievements. Yan3k helps you in becoming efficient and solves the unique problems of your business. We will be in touch with you at every stage of development to guarantee what we have promised.

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How We Do It

Yan3k provides innovative & intelligent automation solutions, delivering software projects worldwide to customers from startups & SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. A balanced blend of technology skills and domain knowledge of scores seasoned IT professionals, powered by the passion for cutting edge technology. We support both virtual and human workforce alike, facilitating the efficient and accurate execution of business processes on any enterprise application. Yan3k helps you in providing a greater ROI on your investments and delivering corporate-wide customer experience & business process improvement.

  • Our organization is about scale and quality
  • We make customers feel that they can rely on us.
  • We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Social responsibility

Yan3k is a socially responsible company that performs positive changes. We choose to do what is right not only for our bottom line but also benefit financially while developing trust in our consumers.

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