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Today’s businesses need to quickly seize opportunities, adapt to change, and mitigate the risks that digital transformation creates. Changing customer behaviour, global competition, continuous technological change and rapidly growing demands drive markets through increasingly shorter cycles of change. The speed of transformations can determine a company’s success and future viability. Our end-to-end services merge velocity, innovation, business strategy, adaptable design, technology consulting and first-class software engineering to deliver outcomes on a global level.

Web & Mobile
Application Development

The mainstream and preferred web and application development methodology adopted by customers is agile development in order to achieve faster and lower cost development. It is crucial to ensure that the rapid development with continuous deployments are implemented to achieve early business value realization without compromising stability and quality of the systems.

Robotic Process Automation
Intelligent Process Automation

Yan3k helps organisations jumpstart their journey toward orchestrating work between humans, teams, systems and robots. Journey begins with business teams to identify manual processes, dependency on existing legacy systems & prioritizing challenges. Yan3k experts help business to orchestrate teams and system, apply RPA and IPA to remove repetitive tasks and free up your employees, and workflow solutions to manage the end-to-end delivery to your customers.

Oracle & SAP Implementations

Yan3k enables your organisation to go beyond simple automation to change the way you work. We are the preferred partner for providing comprehensive Oracle and SAP implementation services.

Internet of Things

Create multi-platform, fully integrated IoT apps for your customers using state-of-the-art integrated architectures, MVP development, and thorough testing services. Our team brings in best practices, process know-how and exceptional competence on digital technology, customer experience & business process management to help our clients always stay ahead of the curve.

AI Development

We believe that humans are inherently creative and deserve interesting, engaging, and inspiring tasks, that’s why we want to eliminate highly repeatable and programmable tasks from the list of their daily duties. By using AI, we enable professionals to quickly and efficiently solve routine problems so that they can concentrate on things that really require a human touch.

Cyber Security

At Yan3k we offer a wide variety of services that caters for all your cybersecurity needs. We help you grow securely.Security Training is very essential for an organisation. Educating all employees on security is the foundation for a better security as a single person's mistake can leade to huge cyber attacks. We train different employees on different levels according to their job roles.Security Operation Center is used for monitoring and analyzing an organization's security status 24x7 basis. We provide SOC as a service for companies to ensure they are protected.



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Reducing the fatality rate in the Petrochemical Industry



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An innovative mobile solution to simplify the refuelling process.

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