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Success Story - Lazada

A Unique Platform for E-Commerce Learning

Lazada University approached Yan3k to develop a learning platform for e-commerce sellers. Yan3k put forward a proposition to create a Learning Management System to focus on webinar training for sellers. Later on, the LMS was revamped and relaunched as Lazada University Portal that offered new solutions and features for sellers to learn better. The platform was designed to make e-commerce learning easy and simple for sellers.

Apart from developing the platform, Yan3k also created the design and developed the webinar modules to aid the learning process. The services and solutions offered by Yan3k ensured a reliable platform for sellers to kickstart their selling journey.

Key Challenges

  • Developing a user-friendly learning platform for sellers
  • Encouraging sellers to use the platform to learn about e-commerce
  • Developing diverse training channels


  • Multiple sessions with stakeholders to identify the scalability are requirements for the Learning Management System (LMS) platform.
  • Designed the course layouts to meet specific formats for users.
  • Scalable solution to be deployed on multiple-countries, supporting multiple languages.
  • Tailored learning paths for course progression of users.


  • Successfully launched Lazada University as a platform for growing eBusiness.
  • Deployed the platform in 7 countries
  • Businesses utilised the platform to scale up
  • Lazada University Platform has over 25,000 users
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