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Success Story - Petronas

An innovative mobile solution to simplify the refuelling process.

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) was facing the dilemma of simplifying the refuelling process for commercial and everyday drivers. A solution was required to ensure a seamless and safe refuelling experience for drivers. After conferring with Petronas, Yan3k devised a solution that can save time and effort as well as simplifying refuelling process. Petronas refuelling platform was introduced as a solution to make refuelling simpler and easier. It takes the hassle out of logistic management of the fleet.

Petronas refuelling platform presents customers with the convenience of refuelling on their premises rather than looking for conventional petrol stations. Yan3k was a success in launching this platform as mobile refuelling service for vehicles.

Key Challenges

  • Identifying high-traffic hotspots.
  • Educating businesses on the functioning of the refuelling platform.
  • Monitoring and tracking the movement of refuelling trucks.
  • Identifying stations with a restriction on large commercial vehicles.
  • Introducing this as a B2B refuelling service to customers nationwide.


  • Multiple discussions with stake holders to identify the best model of operation.
  • High performing teams to support various development needs.
  • Modern scalable architecture to support the volume and growth.
  • Diverse technology stack to support IoT and other platform requirements.


  • An effective and productive way of refuelling fleet.
  • Since October 2018, Petronas refuelling platform has delivered over 1 million litres of fuel.
  • Hassle-free logistical planning and management of the fleet
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs for businesses with a large fleet.
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