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Success Story - Teleport

An Effective Solution to Simplify Logistic Delivery in South East Asia

Teleport was introduced as a platform by Air Asia to enable easy movement of goods and commerce in South East Asia. Yan3k created Teleport to effectively address the issue of seamless logistics delivery by leveraging Air Asia's massive network. Teleport was launched with the aim of digitising logistic delivery. By transforming the cargo industry from using paperwork to digital, Teleport manages to make the process of freight forwarding simple and hassle-free for all the parties involves.

Teleport operates through Teleportal; a platform for the first and last-mile delivery by crowdsourcing drivers to perform parcel delivery. Through continuous R&D, Yan3k was successful in creating Teleport and Teleportal that would ensure smooth delivery of logistics.

Key Challenges

  • Updating users on the status of parcel during flight.
  • Effectively tracking deliveries and earnings made by the driver.
  • Reducing overall turnaround time.
  • Simplifying the process so that merchants and large companies can adapt the technology easily.
  • Educating drivers to take advantage of the platform.


  • Working closely with the stakeholders we identified the best design and architecture for the platform.
  • MVP was developed and launched in 3 months to test the feedbacks from users.
  • Complete system was launched in 6 months to onboard businesses and customers.
  • Dynamic price and route calculations to support the logistics requirements.
  • Hybrid Mobile Application for first and last mile delivery partners.
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  • Simplified the process of logistic tracking and delivery.
  • Digitisation of the process of freight forwarding.
  • Sellers and buyers are constantly updated on the whereabouts of the parcel
  • Facilitated easier transportation of goods and smooth functioning of businesses.
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